Is there any way to enable VPN connect option on GDM?

I have a requirement to connect VPN before user login. After configuring VPN via network manager, it shows the status on gnome login screen, however there is no option for nm-openconnect-auth-dialog to connect the server. is there any way to enable VPN option on gnome login screen (GDM). haven’t seen any documentation on it(either from GNOME or other sources).

Any pointers on this would be helpful.


It’s possible if you have a static password: you can configure NetworkManager to connect automatically when a certain network is activated, and configure it to save the password for all users instead of only for your user. That will work for sure.

If you have a dynamic password and really need to display the auth dialog, then I don’t know what will happen, but it’s worth a try I suppose? If that fails, you’ll need to make changes to gnome-shell.

Really don’t need the auto connect option for VPN. At login screen , i need the auth dialog prompt to enter username and password every time. Could you please point where exactly to tweak the gnome-shell for enabling nm-openconnect-auth-dialog at login screen.