Is there a way to resize my monitor in settings?

Background: I have a cheap TV I use as a second monitor. It’s about the same size as my main monitor, but the resolution is smaller. This makes it show up smaller than the main one in settings, and causes mouse/window movement between the two to be weird.

How it currently looks
How I want it to look

The weirdness is kinda unfortunate here. There are some controls, but they’re kind of limited:

The size of the monitors as shown in the settings panel is the result of the monitor’s configured resolution combined with the monitor’s “Scale” setting. If you have fractional scaling enabled in GNOME, there are finer adjustments available in the Scale settings on the monitors, so you might be able to use that to get them closer to the same apparent size.

But you can’t reduce the Scale to a value lower than 100%, so there’s no way to make a lower resolution screen like your TV match your main monitor if you’re already using the main monitor at 100%.

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