Is there a way to make Firefox workspace-aware?

I just saw this tweek

… which happens to be something I also just encountered. When I do something to open a link, I want it to prefer Firefox windows on the current desktop, rather than ones which might be several desktops away.

Additionally, when starting a new session after rebooting, it’d be nice if Firefox windows re-opened on the workspaces I had them on.


At the end of the day, thats a request to firefox.

What happens when you click a link is that shell gives the url to firefox (by launching firefox URL and firefox being single-instance), and firefox decides what to do with it.

The firefox guys could complain that they don’t know about workspaces, and they would have a point.


Right, it kind of needs to be both. How can the shell tell Firefox about workspaces?

On X11, the number of workspaces and the current workspace are a property on the root window. You could even request to move to a specific workspace—gedit used to do that.

On Wayland, this would require a whole new protocol to be exposed by the compositor.

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It’s interesting that Wayland doesn’t have that. It seems like it’d be super useful for a lot of things.

Not even X11 had that, until the EWMH were introduced. :slight_smile:

Historically, there has a been a strong pushback against exposing window management functionality to applications and toolkits in the core protocol; additional protocols that end up being iterated over time and then adopted by multiple compositors/toolkits is the preferred approach.

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