Is there a way to disable overview on second monitor/screen/display?

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I have two monitors so I often work/do something on the first and watch something on the second in full screen. The issue is that I use the overview (e.g. to search for apps) and the overview is active for both of my monitors so it can be bothersome. (attachments for visual context)

Searched for similar topics but didn’t find anything, so sorry if I missed it. Thank you for reading :smile:

Is there a way to disable overview on second monitor

No, there isn’t.

An extension could change the layout on secondary monitors to show window previews with the size/position of the corresponding window, but they would still be previews rather than the actual windows that can be interacted with.

While that would work for your use case, it’s not something we’d want to do by default or as an option; showing something that behaves differently from a window as if it was an window would simply be too confusing.

The V-Shell extension, set to static overview mode, can minimize unnecessary movement. There are a lot of options to play with.

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