Is there a Shortcut to create new Workspace between two existing Workspaces?

I usually have 3 to 4 workspaces open on Fedora 34/Gnome 40. Sometimes, I want to relocate an app between Workspace 1 and 2, thereby the app now assumes Workspace 2, and other Workspaces shift right.

Current solution: Mouse drag/drop
Currently, I can do this grabbing a window with the mouse via the Overview, and drag/drop the app to create a new Workspace.

Preferred solution: Keyboard Shortcut
I can navigate most everything in Gnome 40 via keyboard shortcuts. I would like to be able to:

a) move an existing app to a new empty Workspace (that exists between two populated Workspaces) via keyboard shortcut, or
b) create a new empty Workspace (that exists between two populated Workspaces) via keyboard shortcut.

I really like Super+Alt+Shift to move Apps to left and right workspace. But this limits me to moving an app to a new Workspace at the beginning or end of the Workspaces. I would like a shortcut to create new Workspace in-between existing Workspaces.

Maybe a command for this already exists. If so, is it something I can manually map to a keyboard shortcut?

No, unless there is an extension for that.

Such an extension shouldn’t be particularly hard, something like the following will move a window to a new workspace after the current one:

    const { workspaceManager = global;
    const newIndex = workspaceManager.get_active_workspace_index() + 1;

    const newWs = workspaceManager.get_workspace_by_index(newIndex);
    Main.wm.actionMoveWindow(newWs, window);
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Awesome! Thanks for this!

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