Is there a reason why Files doesn't allow going to the top of an SMB server?

Let’s say that there is a file server named “A”. A has several network shares, like B1,B2,B3, … B9. On windows, if you type \\A in the address bar, it shows all the shares of A (B1,B2,B3, …B9). If you have navigated into \\A\B1\C\D, you can click A in the address bar to go back to the list of A’s shares.

On Gnome Files, however, if I go “Other Locations” → “Connect to Server”, and type smb://A and connect to it, it first shows A’s shares (B1,B2,B3, …B9) under the address of “Windows shares on A”, but once I navigate into one of them, the root becomes that share’s name. that is, if I navigated into \\A\B1\C\D, the root becomes “B1 on A”, so I cannot navigate back to A’s share list, unlike Windows.

Is there a reason why Gnome Files uses “B1 on A” instead of “A” as the root?

This is rather an unintentional behavior given the technical differences in SMB implementation because smb://A and smb://A/B are two different mounts… so it works differently for the majority of other gvfs locations where is just one mount in such case. Feel free to open a bug report for it.

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