Is the Genie programming language dead?

In this comment on Vala GitLab, I was told that Genie is not in a good enough state right now and also not being worked on.

If anyone has used it for quite some time (like at least a month or so), I’d like to know about their experience.

I don’t know if it’s dead, but if you search on GitHub, there is about 1350 projects written in Vala
while 13 written in Genie. Also, the contributors of Vala are almost towards Vala instead of Genie. And there are a lot of existing bugs in Genie while the addition of new features of Genie is quite slower.

It seems that Genie need a lot of maintenance but the community can hardly provide it.

And now Vala itself may also under the impact of new alternative languages such as Rust… :frowning:
So I think the problem of lack of maintenance cannot be solved soon…

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