Is recipes actively used/ maintained?

I’ve recently discovered Gnome Recipes. It looks like a fantastic app, but I am unsure whether it is being actively maintained. This is important, as I want to know whether it is worth adding my recipe collection to the app. Also, I am not totally sure how the process of adding recipes to the app works. If I chose to share my recipes, are they actually added to the app, or just emailed to a lot of people so that they can manually add them.

Just curious, as this looks like a really promising app, and I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it before.

I have moved on from it. Matthew Leeds has done some work on it after I left

Ok, makes sense. That’s kind of what I figured (and why I asked). The idea is honestly great, and I hope it gets more interest at some point. Maintaining such an app is honestly above my skill level at this point, otherwise I would love to get involved.

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