Is possible to use Anjuta with Clang C++ Compiler?

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I am new using Anjuta C++ integrated with GNU C++ on Debian Linux 12, but I was wondering if I can use Anjuta C++ IDE with others compilers like Clang C++ (This is my default compiler on Debian Linux), is there anyway to make Anjuta C++ IDE with Clang C++ and not with GNU C++ ?

I don’t have an answer for you, but:

  • which compiler to use is determined by the build system and/or the environment, not by the IDE
  • Anjuta is unmaintained, and the last release was tagged four years ago

These days, the preferred IDE for GNOME applications is GNOME Builder.

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Thanks for the information, i will look for Gnome Builder to use but maybe I will check on the internet or google more because Anjuta is so useful that I want to use it with other compiler (Clang C++ and not GNU C++)

Since you’re using Debian, there is maybe the possibility with the update-alternatives system (configuring symbolic links to the default compiler).

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Anjuta doesn’t define which C compiler is used. It’s the build system which is autotools by default. If the environment variable CXX is set to clang, it should already use it. Else you can add an argument to the AC_PROG_CXX macro in as explained here:


Thanks for all your answers! I am really glad to see how fast you answer when someone has an issue!. Really appreciated !

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