Is Pango only useable with Gtk3 now?

First post here so I’m not entirely sure where it needs to go. Hopefully I’m posting in the right place…

Basically, I’m using Pango in a project which still uses Gtk2. But in pango git master, commit #3e754defc3 from a couple of weeks ago (15 Oct 2018) introduced this code in ‘pango/pango-context.c’ (line 1450):-

  g_once_init_leave(&class, (gpointer)g_type_class_ref (G_TYPE_UNICODE_SCRIPT));

Unfortunately, I can’t find G_TYPE_UNICODE_SCRIPT defined anywhere. Is it only available for Gtk3 and later?

Pango does not depend on any version of Gtk.

What issue are you having? Pango doesn’t compile? You may need a newer version of glib since I think that symbol was introduced in glib version 2.60, and pango may need to bump its required version.

Yeah, this was recently fixed but not released yet.

Thanks guys. I haven’t quite figured out yet how to quote somebody else’s reply but I think the 2.60 thing is right. Up to now I’ve been working with glib-2-56 and hadn’t realised there’ve been further releases. Leave it with me.

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