Is it possible to use 2 different keyboards with 2 sets of customisations?

Hi, I am using Fedora 40 Workstation with Gnome. I have a Dell 5420 laptop which I mostly use at desk with separate KVM.

I use a Mac keyboard on desk, and the built in Dell keyboard occasionally when away from desk. I spent ages setting things up to work nice for me on the mac keyboard, moved super key, flipped alt and ctrl, etc etc. (I used Gnome Settings and Gnome Tweaks) It’s all working beautifully.

Then i pulled plugs out and went mobile, only to find keyboard doesn’t ‘work’ on laptop properly. Duh, then I realised why!! My customisations! The keys are different on Mac keyboard versus the built in windows keyboard of the laptop.

I REALLY want to stick with this mac keyboard now. Is there any way to have TWO keyboard ‘options’ in the OS? So I can choose KB1 or KB2 depending on whether I am at desk or using laptop keyboard, and have different customisations for each?

I have played with input selection options in Gnome settings but don’t understand it.
I had one keyboard already of course. So i added one, I switched to that second input source/keyboard, and set a new shortcut of shift alt H to launch Home Folder. It worked, but it still worked when I switched back to the other input source.

So it seems any custom keycombos you make apply to all input sources, which I don’t get as it surely defeats the whole purpose of having different input sources? I must be missing something.

Grateful for any advice, I’d REALLY like to keep the mac keyboard with my custom key combos, but set different combos for the laptop keyboard so it’s as similar as possible (e.g. I use the key left of space bar on both as my ‘ctrl’ key for easy ctrl-w, ctrl-p etc, but that key on left of space is different between the Mac keyboard (Command) and Windows keyboard (Alt)