Is it possible to shrink Text in GtkEntry

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I’m working on GTK3 application in cpp. I want to shrink the text in GtkEntry while the text size is beyond the widget size.

Like this -

Changing the font size also decreases the text height with width, is there a way to shrink it with only reducing the width

Is it posible to achieve this in GTK3?


I don’t think there is a way to do that automatically.

Pango (the GTK text renderer) supports properties like font-stretch and letter-spacing, which are also exposed to CSS, that could be something to explore.

Hi @gwillems , i tried using it in this way.

void update_font_stretch(GtkEntry *entry) {
    PangoLayout *layout = gtk_entry_get_layout(entry);

    // Get the width of the GtkEntry widget
    int widget_width = gtk_widget_get_allocated_width(GTK_WIDGET(entry));

    // Get the current text width and height (height is not used here)
    int text_width, text_height;
    pango_layout_get_size(layout, &text_width, &text_height);

    text_width /= PANGO_SCALE;

    // Calculate the desired stretch factor
    double stretch_factor = (text_width > widget_width) ? (double)widget_width / text_width : 1.0;

    // Create a Pango attribute for font stretch
    PangoAttrList *attr_list = pango_attr_list_new();
    PangoAttribute *attr = pango_attr_stretch_new((PangoStretch)(PANGO_STRETCH_NORMAL * stretch_factor));
    pango_attr_list_insert(attr_list, attr);

    gtk_entry_set_attributes(entry, attr_list);


I called this function when every time user pressed something. But it did not work. Can you help me get it right