Is it okay to close a post that still in discussion?

I asked a question to developers in this post:

But it is ignored. I am still waiting. However today I found the post is closed. Is it okay to close a topic like that?

The only thing I would like to do is to communicate with developers, because you ask for a use case, then I give you one. But why ignore?

Why is installing an extension a problem, out of curiosity? The UX for installing an extension is precisely flipping a toggle switch.

If nobody has answered in 14 days, it’s unlikely somebody knows the answer, and leaving topics open indefinitely is just an invitation to resurrect topics that have long since become irrelevant.

If somebody knows the answer after two weeks, they can contact the moderators and ask to reopen the topic.

From my understanding he complained not about the 14 days period for autoclosing, but for your manual closing it earlier? Well you may had reasons, I have not followed that discussion.

But that 14 day autoclosing is for me the most serious “bug” of the forum software. (Other ugly “bugs” are that some thread titles are refused, and that when we give a link it often includes a full linked page what is not wanted and what occupies more area than the actual initial thread text. I think some people found solutions to fix that and insert really plain text links, I have not yet found the trick. Well two years ago the forum software refused some links to other pages like github fully, but that never occurred to me again.) By far not all threads are just simple questions, where the user needs a immediate answer or never comes back. For that kind IRC or whatever the kids use in these days is better. Forum threads can be about design decisions, special applications, new apps someone is working on and wants help or feedback and so much more. A good example is the general language bindings discussion with people like Mr. Droege and other experts, about proxy objects, toggle references and all that. Of course for most threads the activity stops after a few days. But I know other forums without this 14 day restriction, where discussion in rare cases continues after months again, e.g. when a bug is fixed, a user found a solution for a problem, had a new idea. And no, I would not ask for a reopen, just keep my solution for me, or in rare, important cases start a new thread, and when I have a good day link to the old thread. Yes, generally I have a good day, when I am not too angry about the fact that the thread is again closed automatically :slight_smile:

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