Is Gnome's "Wayland fractional scaling v1" support stable?

I am using multi-monitors with different scaling values, including a fractional scaling value. And it seems all the apps that supports the “Wayland fractional scaling v1” have weird problems regarding the size. At first, I thought those were the bugs of those apps, but now I wonder if this is caused by Gnome itself.

For example, as soon as MPV was upgraded to support the v1 protocol, the window randomly became bigger than the screen resolution when exiting full-screen mode, or the video size randomly remained the same with surrounding black areas when entering full-screen mode.

As soon as Blender supported it, all newly opened windows show empty transparent area on the right/bottom and the actual content area is smaller than the window size. It becomes normal when I resize the window or minimise/restore it.

I had heard FireFox 118 added supported for v1, so I enabled it in the about:config. And all the menus were small when they first appeared, but about 1 second later, they become normal size. Also, the main menu popped up in a wrong position. It even kept crashing, so I disabled v1 support.

All these now makes me wonder if all these apps implemented the v1 protocol incorrectly, or Gnome’s v1 support is not stable. My Gnome version is 44.5.

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