Is Gnome 46.0 in particular freezing the entire desktop because of Nvidia graphics?

I have a laptop with both Intel iGPU and a separate dedicated NVidia card, having noticed that since upadating to Gnome 46.0, my entire desktop freezes often times so much, not responding to the point that I have to hard reboot.

Just wondering if anyone else with a similar setup noticed these frequent complete hangs, where not even the keyboard works anymore to try and switch to tty.

I have friends with AMD laptops who have not been able to confirm such issues to me.

I do not have this exact issue, though I do have a similar case where my windows have delayed output. (or delayed input? It’s hard to tell) as of GNOME 46.

But before October of last year, I actually used a laptop with an NVIDIA mobile card so I remember the issues that happened with that. Laptops that use their iGPU and dGPU simultaneously use NVIDIA optimus, which is tricky on linux. :slight_smile: See:

I’ve been experiencing the same situation. On my case this is an AMD + NVIDIA laptop. Specifically an Asus ROG Flow X13 running asus-linux g14 kernel.

I can’t specify since when this happens, because I’m not a regular Gnome user. I almost always use hyprland, but from time to time I come back to GNOME for a few days. Both of them have been installed for 2 years on my laptop.

It is weird how it suddenly hangs, specially that you can’t even fall back to a tty.

I haven’t had any issues like this that I can recall on hyprland.

Last time it happened was a few minutes ago when I opened the official matrix client and I was going to maximize the window… It was running on integrated gpu only.

I can perfectly use either integrated mode, hybrid or dedicated GPU without any issues on hyperland, and also regularly on gnome. It just randomly freezes sometimes in gnome without any specific app/action combination that I could identify.

I can’t really tell the exact versions where problems occur, becasuse any time I face these issues… I go back to hyperland for months, until I see newer versions of gnome and I try to test if it is stable enough on my hardware.

But every aspect of the hardware seems to work (for example, I can put it in tablet mode and it automatically rotates screen based on device position, it blocks the keyboard so you don’t push any key accidentally, on-screen keyboard works fine…). Hybrid mode runs fine, steam uses nvidia GPU, etc.

But, from time to time, it completely freezes. Usually I can still move the cursor for a few seconds (not keyboard). Then it completely freezes.

EDIT: I tried looking at journalctl but I don’t really know hot to use it and I can’t see anything from today’s date… only yesterday :S