Is anybody interested into reviving Jokosher? (GTK2 and Python2)


I’m tired about the lack of straightforward softwares to make podcasts on Linux. Multi-track audio editors do exist, but anything other than Audacity is completely overkill for this task (Ardour, LMMS).

Jokosher was a great piece of software, designed especially for making podcasts. Unfortunately, developpment have ceased, and it was written in Python2 with pygtk (GTK2).

The complete source code is available on GitHub ( It’s a copy of the last revision available on the old bzr repo.
I’m a C developper. I’m not used to Python software development. At least, not on that level of complexity. I’ve tried fiddling around for a few days to no avail.
I’m writing this message hoping that a very motivated Python and GTK ninja will jump on the opportunity to bring some much needed diversity in the world of very simple Linux audio software (I insist on “very simple”, as there’s already plenty of “very complex” Linux audio software, in my humble opinion).

Best regards, and happy new year to you all.

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