Intrusive dialog when setting a bookmark

Hi :slight_smile:

When I set a bookmark, an intrusive dialog is prompted.
On, it’s far less intrusive.

Is it a setting, or have they a more recent version of Discourse?

I follow both these sites, and I see no difference.


I guess that:

Am I right? :slight_smile:

I just tried both “f” and “b” both here and on Meta. All of them look roughly the same.


What do you call “roughly”? :smiley:
I don’t see any difference between them.
(Are they documented anywhere?)

As far as I could test them, they both seem to bookmark topics, not posts.

To bookmark posts, click on “show more” then on “bookmark this post”.

Now you have quite lost me. I don’t see any “Show more” anywhere. Maybe we each use discourse sites in very different ways. (One clear difference is that you tell me to “click on …” which I’ll never do :stuck_out_tongue: , but there may be others.) Can you describe how you interact ?

The shorcuts panel which pops up when I type “?” is quite clear that “b” bookmarks individual posts, indeed.


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