Introspected g_rec_mutex_lock() and g_rec_mutex_unlock()


Since I get some warnings:

ags/audio/ags_buffer.c:465: Warning: AgsAudio: ags_buffer_get_obj_mutex: return value: Invalid non-constant return of bare structure or union; register as boxed type or (skip)

I am just curious if GRecMutex is available to GObject-Introspection?

Or do I need to provide additional functions, like:

  • ags_buffer_lock()
  • ags_buffer_unlock()

best regards,

Nobody really uses the GLib threading primitives in language bindings, mostly because different languages have their own threading primitives that can interact at a syntax and run time level.

Additionally, the threading API in GLib is kind of C-specific, with opaque wrappers around different implementations.

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