Introduction to GTK+ development to beginners

Hello everyone.

I have a little knowledge of C, C++ and Python. I’m a Gnome user long time ago and I’m with desire of develop a simple application in GTK+. I’m planning start with a personal simple application and with more expertise, start in a Gnome project.

I like to C++ because of OOP and more features, but I know that C is a natural language for GTK+. I found gtkmm binding but I don’t know if this binding is out of date or is not a good choice.

What do you recommend me and how I can found a good tutorial/book for developing in GTK+ ?

Thank you very much.


Hi, I also use gtkmm for application development. I like it. I use another library implemented in C and it glues together just fine. gtkmm community is active and you can see new comments in git. People are working :slight_smile:. The only challenge I have experienced is a lack of documentation and lack of understanding. There is a gtkmm-tutorial. For instance, you may see pointers, smart pointers, references in the gtkmm API. There is a logic behind it. Keep in mind that gtkmm is a wrapper around the GTK API. You have to sit and force yourself to learn that concept. After that it should be straightforward. Also, I successfully wrapped GtkWidget into the C++ code without any problem. The gtkmm community still uses the mail list. At least I see activity there. I believe that programming language will not be a problem for including your project the GNOME scope. Good luck!


I have an YouTube Channel with almost 250 videos dedicated to GTK3 with CSS and C Language.

I am pretty sure that I covered almost everything you have to know about Starting with GTK.


Wow! This looks really useful. Thanks :wink:

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I totally agree with what you say and especially with that.
Indeed, there is a problem with the documentation of GTK. But - if you have the enthusiasm and appetite to learn - it’s a bit difficult, but nice challenge.

Probably another great source for learning things is this awesome book they have written in The MagPi magazine :

I think it’s really one of the only books on the subject (I personally don’t know any other books).
Their culture is also fantastic because they distribute it for free, but personally because I was impressed by their amazing spirit, the quality of the book I wanted to support them and I bought it.
After all, I would not want such a unique book to be missing from my library.
( I wish I could find other such books. )

@MichiB Very nice effort! Thank you!

So, Hello World! Hello to wonderful world of GTK.
The whole community and mailing lists are ready to welcome you and help with joy.


Awesome !
Let’s wait for GTK 4 tutorials !

There is the following books to learn GTK. The first one is about GTK 2 in C language: very good book, but it is becoming more and more obsolete as GTK 4 is coming. The second one is the GTK 3 edition but for Python:

Let’s hope there will be a GTK 4 edition !
I think the GTK official documentation has greatly improved over the years. But it is sad to see there are so few books about GTK.

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