Introduction to GTK+ development to beginners

Hello everyone.

I have a little knowledge of C, C++ and Python. I’m a Gnome user long time ago and I’m with desire of develop a simple application in GTK+. I’m planning start with a personal simple application and with more expertise, start in a Gnome project.

I like to C++ because of OOP and more features, but I know that C is a natural language for GTK+. I found gtkmm binding but I don’t know if this binding is out of date or is not a good choice.

What do you recommend me and how I can found a good tutorial/book for developing in GTK+ ?

Thank you very much.

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Hi, I also use gtkmm for application development. I like it. I use another library implemented in C and it glues together just fine. gtkmm community is active and you can see new comments in git. People are working :slight_smile:. The only challenge I have experienced is a lack of documentation and lack of understanding. There is a gtkmm-tutorial. For instance, you may see pointers, smart pointers, references in the gtkmm API. There is a logic behind it. Keep in mind that gtkmm is a wrapper around the GTK API. You have to sit and force yourself to learn that concept. After that it should be straightforward. Also, I successfully wrapped GtkWidget into the C++ code without any problem. The gtkmm community still uses the mail list. At least I see activity there. I believe that programming language will not be a problem for including your project the GNOME scope. Good luck!


I have an YouTube Channel with almost 250 videos dedicated to GTK3 with CSS and C Language.

I am pretty sure that I covered almost everything you have to know about Starting with GTK.


Wow! This looks really useful. Thanks :wink:

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