Installing a font is a bit confusing for a new user

When you search for how to install a font in Gnome, you get quite complicated answers (not sure if it’s my bubble or not).

Turns out, just unzipping and double clicking gives me a nice “install” button… unfortunately, it’s been stuck like this for several minutes now and no font has appeared as selectable in the app I wanted to test it in (Blender):

Seems the font did install (I did a restart and system update).

It now appears in the Fonts app (which also really should have an install button, and be able to look in .zip files, I think).

However, scrolling in the Fonts app is super glitchy… the entire app just starts flickering and doesn’t stop.

EDIT: Also, maybe this is just Blender, but they want to look in /usr/share/fonts by default, which does have a nice custom icon (at least in Blender), but that Install button which never showed completion installed things to /home/eobet/.local/share/fonts which I had to type in because .local is invisible (again, at least in Blender). So… not a great UX…

The stuck install button is a known issue: Installing a font from the font overview never completes. (#64) · Issues · GNOME / Fonts · GitLab

It has a fix, but GNOME Fonts is currently unmaintained, so it needs somebody to merge the fix and do a release.