Install libadwaita natively on Fedora 35?

Hello everyone! I am trying to install a native app with libadwaita, but it says gtk4 4.6.0 is required, and when I try to install that it says libjpeg is required. I’d prefer to not wait for Fedora 36 to do this, so any advice on 2hat to install? Thanks for any advice.

You can’t install libadwaita on your system, unless you’re willing to replace the system installation of GTK4 by building GTK 4.6, and then build libadwaita.

The recommendation is to use Flatpak: install GNOME Builder from the GNOME “nightly” Flatpak repository, which will require the nightly GNOME SDK, which contains libadwaita 1.0 and GTK 4.6.

Otherwise, you will have to wait until Fedora 36.

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Darn. That’s sad. Ah, well, guess that can wait less than a month.

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