Install Extensions for all users and set default settings

there are some extensions which I need for every user of my system.
To install them and make it usable for all users I copied the extensions folder to /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions. It works well, but how to make it updatable? When I download a extension with the firefox browser extension it copys the file in the user folder. How can I change this?
Another issue is when I copy the folders manually it doesn’t gets an update when one is available.

Then I want to set some default configurations. I know that there is a file in the extension folder, but when I update the extension this file would be overwritten.

Use a distro package if the extension has been packaged. Otherwise you could create such a package yourself, but then it’d still be your responsibility to update it.

GNOME’s own support for extension installation and updates deals exclusively with per-user extensions.

That’s possible, there’s a section on this in the system administration guide.

Thanks, that’s very good.
Do you have a tutorial of how can I create a distro package?
I don’t want that the Gnome Version updates and the extension don’t runs anymore because the version is not in the metadata file of the extension

Do you have a tutorial of how can I create a distro package?

No. There is no universal way of creating a distro package, it depends on your distribution (read: It’s different for Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, …).

It also depends on the extension. Some do support a build system (like meson or autotools) for system-wide installation, others don’t and will require more manual work from the packager.

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