Initial EPS bearer APN Format

Currently I am trying this to set an apn for this setting NM_SETTING_GSM_INITIAL_EPS_BEARER_APN.
I can set NM_SETTING_INITIAL_EPS_BEARER_CONFIGURE just fine, but when I both settings in this format,

NM_SETTING_INITIAL_EPS_BEARER_APN = “apn=<insert_config>”

It fails. Forgive me if I am unfamiliar with this setting, Gnome newbie.

NM_SETTING_INITIAL_EPS_BEARER_APN is not a thing. It looks like a variable from an ifcfg file, but no such variable is supported. In fact, GSM profiles are not support by ifcfg plugin (but that woudn’t matter, the profile would be stored in keyfile format).

See man nm-settings-nmcli. Then, set the value via nmcli.

nmcli connection modify "$PROFILE_NAME" gsm.initial-eps-bearer-apn "$APN"

Activate the profile for setting the APN on the modem (nmcli connection up "$PROFILE").