Incrementally load bytes with custom URI scheme?


I see that WebKitGTK has a way of registering custom URI schemes, but every usage of that function that I can find seems to involve returning the bytes of a completed request. Is there any way in which I can incrementally pass bytes to WebKit and then mark the request as complete when done?

I don’t think so. You can populate your GInputStream incrementally, but I assume it’s probably expected to be finished before you pass it back to WebKit.

Maybe I’m wrong. You can try and find out. Just keep adding more bytes to the stream and don’t include an EOF byte until you’re done. It might work?

Hmm … maybe I’m doing it incorrectly, but this sounds like what I was already doing, and I’m not getting the desired effect. Is this considered a bug, or an intentional design choice?

I don’t know, sorry. At this point you’d need to investigate the implementation inside WebKit. Most likely the web process expects to receive all bytes at once, but I’m not sure.

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