Increasing percentage of Gtk::TreeModel::Row

Hello all,

I am trying to achieve a progress bar update to the example in the example book treeview list.

  row = *(m_refTreeModel->append());
  row[m_Columns.m_col_id] = 2;
  row[m_Columns.m_col_name] = "Joey Jojo";
  row[m_Columns.m_col_number] = 20;
  row[m_Columns.m_col_percentage] = 40;

I would like to increase number 40 assigned to row[m_Columns.m_col_percentage] in a loop or a button press event. What would be the appropriate way to achieve such a task ?

Thanks in advance,

Does anybody have any idea if ;

  class ModelColumns : public Gtk::TreeModel::ColumnRecord

    { add(m_col_id); add(m_col_name); add(m_col_number); add(m_col_percentage);}

    Gtk::TreeModelColumn<unsigned int> m_col_id;
    Gtk::TreeModelColumn<Glib::ustring> m_col_name;
    Gtk::TreeModelColumn<short> m_col_number;
    Gtk::TreeModelColumn<int> m_col_percentage;

Gtk::TreeModelColumn m_col_percentage is updateable in a loop ?

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