In power management, the screen is set to go dark when idle, but it doesn't work

On the EndeavourOS installed on my laptop, in the power management settings, the screen is set to dim after a certain period of inactivity, and after 5 minutes of inactivity, the screen goes dark. The dimming of the screen also works, but the darkening never happens. I also tested it on a desktop computer. I have experienced this with other Linux distributions as well. I turned off the dimming, but left it on so that the screen goes dark when idle, but it didn’t work either. I noticed this because last time during package updates, the machine was suspended after a twenty minute delay, which is also in the settings. What I don’t understand is that if screen dimming and suspend work when idle, why can’t the screen go dark? Is this a Gnome bug or a feature, and does dimming actually mean darkening?


This is expected to work, please file an issue with your distribution.


I tried it in three different distributions (EndeavourOS, MX Linux, Linux Mint) on a desktop and a laptop. The screen dimming works, the screen never goes dark, no matter how much I set the delay time after inactivity in the power management.

Update. I forgot that LightDM doesn’t, but GDM supports the screen saver function… So I replaced the former with the latter, so everything works fine now.

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