In gnome all apps does not have rounded corners like what gtk4 style follows

why in gtk gnome most apps does not follow the system looks a simple thing is like in my macos all apps have a slightly rounded corner for all corners what macos follows but same thing is in gnome but i find some apps have all corner rounded and following gtk4 but some only have top 2corner rounded but bottom 2are normal it need fix so that all system apps should have rounded corners so it looks consistent.

Those are likely GTK3 apps. Those don’t have rounded bottom corners. There are various ways to change the looks of GTK3 apps so they also have rounded bottom corners. There’s the Rounded Window Corners extension if you’re on Gnome Shell, or the adw-gtk3 theme to make GTK3 apps look like libadwaita apps. Or for the apps that matter to you, you could see if you can contribute to porting them to GTK4.

yes but in macos system all apps follows the rule set why in gnome it is not the case it need some work so all apps follow this and stay rounded by default if user dont want to but system shouuld follow gtk.
as a difference open files in gnome and firefox see that firefox does not have rounded corners in 4 corner but in macos firefox have 4corners rounded.

Applications need to either use GTK4 and libadwaita, or they need to use GTK3 and libhandy; on top of that, they need to be designed to allow the rounded corners. There’s nothing “GNOME” can do: it’s up to the application developers to ensure their applications can use rounded corners.

then why macos have apps follows system corner. like see apps like session it users gtk 4 header but does not round bottom corner but in mac this same app is rounded

can we do something to make it rounded

Because it’s macOS, and it’s a different platform. GNOME is not macOS, and does not work like it.

I already explained how to support rounded bottom corners:

  • port applications to GTK4 and libadwaita
  • port applications to GTK3 and libhandy

Applications that do neither cannot have their bottom corners cut off.

but i think if gnome enforce all app gtk3 gtk4 or qt just cut the corners rounded it will make every thing look awesome and consistent i think it need discussion if it can be done or not.
btw thanks

Once again, and for the last time: GNOME cannot “enforce” breaking applications.

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