(In)compatibility of gtkmm with cairomm, pangomm and atkmm

Hello Folks,

I am currently working on updating gnome-related packages, in Guix.

I updated libsigc++, glibmm, cairomm, pangomm, atkmm and gtkmm, to their latest stable releases. Now; libsigc++, glibmm, cairomm, pangomm and atkmm play well with other other’s lastest versions; except gtkmm being outlier.

[1] Why is gtkmm-3.24.4 is incompatible with cairomm-1.16.0, pangomm-2.48.0 and atkmm-2.36.0, as all of these are latest stable releases?
[2] Will there be new release of gtkmm in 3.24 series, that will be compatible with cairomm-1.16.0, pangomm-2.48.0 and atkmm-2.36.0?

Please let me know.


Why do you think they are incompatible? This post doesn’t describe any actually experienced problem so far which led to your assumption.

See https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtkmm-list/2021-May/msg00000.html


gtkmm’s build script refer to older ABI versions of cairomm, pangomm and atkmm. So the build of gtkmm-3.24.4 fails with cairomm-1.16.0, pangomm-2.48.0 and atkmm-2.36.0. The error is something like “pkg-config: dependency foomm-x.y is not found”.

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