Improve extension conflict avoidance

Extension rebasing assumes that no modifications occur during run-time. Banning run-time/optional overrides to avoid this, as suggested by @fmuellner

, would be too limiting, as pointed by @JustPerfection

I think, further discussion about extension conflict avoidance should move here since the original post was about partially disabling.


Potentially, the way I have worked around this problem could be of help.

I wanted two of my extensions to hook into Main.panel.statusArea.quickSettings._addItemsBefore and then restore the original method during run-time.
To achieve this without conflicts during restore, I implemented an InjectionTracker which keeps track of the override history.

  • The history for each overridden method/property is stored as an array of property descriptors in an dictionary Main.panel.statusArea.quickSettings.__injectionHistories.
  • When overriding a method by calling injectProperty, an injection handle inj is returned which can be used to call the previous injection or the original method
      const injection = this.tracker.injectProperty(
        qs,  '_addItemsBefore',
        (...args) => {
, ...args);
  • If all injections have been inj.clear()ed, the original method gets restored and the history dictionary removed from Main.panel.statusArea.quickSettings.__injectionHistories.

If extensions use the InjectionTracker instead of the InjectionManager, conflicts due to run-time method overrides could be mitigated.

However, conflicts due to adding and removing widgets during run-time can occur nonetheless.

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