Importing Shotwell database

My photo database is getting to large for my laptop so I feel the need to switch to a workflow where I only have the photos from my current trip on my laptop (where I need to work on the photos, tagging cropping etc) and once I get back home I want to merge these into my big photo storage. So the functionality I need is for Shotwell to be able to import photos form another Shotwell instance.
I feel capable to implement such a feature. Now I have two questions.
Is there any chance of getting such a feature merged into Shotwell (assuming the code is clean enough etc)?
And if so, do you have any opinions on how such a feature should be implemented? A standalone command line tool or integrated into Shotwell? Any other opinions?

Sure. It could even be implemented as an importer plugin, the infrastructure is still there, there is just nothing implementing it anymore (see the old F-Spot importer here: )

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