Important: GSSDP & GUPnP 1.6.2


GSSDP and GUPnP 1.6.2 are an important bugfix release that unbreak an issue with Rygel (and potentially everything else if it uses random ports AND the HTTP server in the GUPnP.Context) if no port was specified in the configuration (see and Gnome Media Sharing stopped working after update to Gnome 43 (#81) · Issues · GNOME / gupnp · GitLab)

Please note: GSSDP has a new dependency, pandoc, if manpages are not explicitly disabled during configuration (-Dmanpages=false)

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I forgot to bump the required version of GSSDP in GUPnP 1.6.2, so it is possible that /test/bugs/81 will fail. If that is the case, GSSDP is too old, it needs to be 1.6.2 as well

Hey Jens, thanks for posting about this! I am working on getting Fedora updated for GUPnP 1.6, and have now built gssdp, gupnp, rygel and gupnp-tools. I was looking into gupnp-igd, and found that you already did the porting work there, and there is just a couple of minor nits to fix before that look ready for a release which builds against 1.6.

I looked a little into dleyna-server and dleyna-renderer, and found that the original Github repositories are unmaintained, but that you have taken on maintenance and released a combined package. That looks like something that distributions should be using instead of the Intel repos on Github. Should I then be retiring the old and unmaintained split dleyna packages, and using your new combined dleyna project instead? I do not follow gupnp and dleyna development closely, so and insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

GUPnP-IGD is usally handled by @ocrete (shameless ping).

Regarding dLeyna: Yes, please use the dLeyna from GNOME/World. I am not really happy of having to care for dLeyna, yet here I am :confused: (btw, I think I filed an issue with Fedora to upgrade dLeyna, not sure if you have seen that)

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