Implementing End to End tests for GNOME OS using OPENQA-Accesibility tests Feedback

Hello everyone,

For the past couple of weeks we have been working on implementing end-to-end testing for GNOME with openQA for Outreachy and our focus in the last few weeks has been a11y tests for GNOME OS.For the coming weeks ,we will be diving further into mobile testing.

The initial work of adding comprehensive tests for various GNOME accessibility features is complete, these are now running on every GNOME OS build too .

We have worked on tests for ‘seeing’ accessibility features ie, High contrast,large text,overlay scroll bars and Screen reader tests.

For ‘hearing’ feature we have worked on over amplification and testing visual alerts features.

We also worked on OSK-On Screen Keyboard tests, typing a string, emojis , testing the OSK hide feature and 123? mode for numbers and symbols for OSK for the ‘typing’ feature.

Thanks to @Tanju and I and our amazing mentors @sthursfield and @sonny for all the help rendered to us thus far.We truly appreciate.
Much appreciation to @carlosg too on his suggestions for testing the On Screen Keyboard.

Take a look here at some of the tests we have added with a prefix “a11y-” openQA: gnomeos-master-iso-x86_64-gnome_accessibility@qemu_x86_64 test results

and share your feedback on what we have done or add anything else that might have been useful to test specifically for accessibility .

Your input will be really helpful to us.We appreciate you all and we look forward to your feedback .


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