Imminent release of GIMP 2.99.16 (development version)

Dear GIMP translators,

For dev releases, we don’t really have string freezes per-se, but still it’s good practice to warn you, though clearly we are (again!) doing it late! Anyway be aware that I was hoping to release GIMP 2.99.16 today. I am unsure I’ll be able to make it, and we are also in need of a GEGL release which has to happen first. So hopefully, if not today, both releases (GEGL + GIMP) should be in the next few days at latest.

Dear testers,

We will try to get you test binaries soon. Note that there might not be a macOS version for this release though, for 2 reasons:

  • A major action bug (which makes GIMP kinda useless on macOS) still needs to be fixed. We believe it may be a GTK bug for macOS and a developer is currently investigating this (before making a report there, or even in best case a patch).
  • Our signing ability for DMG package is impaired and we are waiting on GNOME folks to fix their Apple dev account. This should hopefully happen soon. Thanks to GNOME for their support on making GIMP on macOS possible, by the way!

For anyone who wants to be a tester on any platform, the procedure was written on our last stable release news.

Thanks to every contributor for making GIMP what it is! :love_letter:

Linux testers: if anyone wants to experiment a flatpak test build, here it is:

flatpak install --user

As a reminder for a build testing, the goal is not to find if there are bugs (especially for dev releases), because yes, they are many known (and unknown) bugs. The goal is:

  • To verify and report if there are absolute blocker bugs, like a crash on startup or on very basic functions; or any other bugs which would have us consider this version unusable for further testing and reporting of smaller issues anyway.
  • To test if the build itself has no issues.

Thanks to @dnovomesky for the great help on the flatpak!

P.S.: this build is still versionned as 2.99.15. That’s normal (2.99.16 is not out yet).
P.P.S.: this is a copy of a message I wrote in the tracker. Eventually I don’t want to duplicate such messages everywhere (it’s just a waste of time), but I do it for now as we are in a phase where we advertize that testers are very welcome. If anyone here is a tiny bit interested in GIMP development, wants to contribute and doesn’t know how. Helping test GIMP can be a thing. Please report test results (bad and good ones too!) on the Gitlab report, not here!

Did this release solved the clipboard brush?

@PixLab is there an issue report for this?

@schumaml I did one for GIMP 2.10, but it worsened in GIMP 2.99.14
Now same bug as before but also it takes the whole 1024 pixels square as clipboard instead instead of the selected “copy” (for example instead of a shape not bigger then 200 pixels) :wink:

@PixLab Sorr,y I should have added “… and can you tell us which report it is, either by its number or posting the url to it”?

@schumaml sorry instead of writing a new post I edited my previous one :flushed:

"OK, I need to search in my historic
I will see you back on the bug report, I’m going to write one for 2.99.14 and put the link of the older one in it as well
See you on the GIMP bug report page in around 1h (I’m a slow writer, search my report, etc…) :wink: "

@schumaml cannot find my report, it’s like nothing after 2 years
Anyway It’s done for both GIMP > here Clipboard brush bug in 2.10.x/34 and in 2.99.14 (#9666) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab (screenshots and videos)

I had no idea what you were talking about @PixLab. Since none of us has telepathic powers, don’t assume we know what you refer to. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So first of all, if you ever want a bug fixed, make sure there is a bug report about it (well explained one, with clear description, reproduction steps, possible screenshots or screencast if helpful… especially as I can see you can do good, detailed report; the one you just opened seems like a good quality report! :+1:). And if you want to mention said bug, always link the report, don’t just talk about it (we have thousands reports opened, we don’t remember them all!). A link of existing report with all the details is worth a thousand words.

Which really highlights my point of always making bug reports. It’s a bit sad if you noticed it 2 years ago and never reported it or forgot to follow up with an existing report! We don’t mind the friendly ping on reports every once in a while (not every other week, but if a year passed, I completely understand).

Actually now that I read this report, I think I even remember this being discussed on IRC some time ago (was it with you? I think it was with other developers because I was hacking on something else and only throwing quick side glimpses on IRC). It’s sad there was no report to sum-up the discussions and remind us if any conclusion of the problem cause was reached, once again!

Far from the eyes, far from the mind, as the saying says!

Secondly, in the context of this thread, let me repeat myself:

So no, a release is not about fixing all bugs (even a stable release). Sometimes we have to choose our fights if we ever want to go forward.

Lastly, repeating again myself:

This was a call for contributors, first for translators, then for testers. Rather than asking us if something is fixed (hence work given to others, asked to test a specific issue), we would really welcome you to test the new release, see for yourself if it is fixed, then first you would simply know without asking. Also you could comment on the bug report(s) you care about if ever any evolution was noticed with this new version, and report actual packaging issues or blocking issues, as requested, on the release report, which would be very helpful.

We are an extra small team. What we need the most is more contributors to help us. As I often say: “help us help you!”

Would there be updates to the Mac development snapshots: GIMP - Development Downloads
Current last version is 2.99.14 (2022-11-13). I see that there are Mac versions for both x86 and Arm for the stable version but perhaps there is no enough man power for development snapshots.


First, the release is tagged, but not announced yet. I am finalizing the release news for today. On this link you give, you’ll notice there is no 2.99.16 for Windows either.

Second, even when we’ll announce, there indeed won’t be a macOS version this time. It’s not about manpower. Everything is ready but there is a problem on the GNOME Foundation side, which owns the Apple developer account. They need to validate some stuff on their side, and we have been waiting for this to happen for a few weeks now. In the meantime, we cannot sign/notarize our DMG packages (and apparently on macOS, a non-notarized package is near to unusable these days; they are really enforcing it in newer versions of their OS).

So yeah, we need to wait until this happens. As soon as we’ll be able to make macOS packages, we’ll publish one.

GIMP 2.99.16 is now officially released and announced on the website! :tada:
The release news is available at: GIMP 2.99.16 Released: Wilber Week 2023 edition! - GIMP

Enjoy, everyone!

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By the way, @al_shopov, we don’t have any tester for the macOS version (except for the packager himself). Would you be interested to be a tester and be notified before each release?

The process is explained there, with a link to our tracker to request to become a macOS tester: GIMP 2.99.16 Released: Wilber Week 2023 edition! - GIMP :hugs:

P.S.: we finally unblocked the situation and are going to release DMGs, probably today, by the way!

TBH I am interested in the Mac version mainly as I am updating the Bulgarian translation of GIMP 3.x. Since my main computer is currently a Mac machine this is the reason Mac versions will be easiest for me to install, then do partial changes on .po files, compile and chech strings. I will be unable to invest any serious time as tester though I will report crashes if I get them
My GIMP usage pattern is very simple. I would need a scenario to even attempt any testing.
I will try to subscribe however.

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