IMAP answered flag

Looks like Geary doesn’t set the IMAP \Answered flag on the orig. msg when replying, and doesn’t get the flag to display next to a message. Wondering if there was a reason for that.


The short, glib answer is because that no one has implemented it yet. :slight_smile: I’ve updated the IMAP protocol ticket to mention it, but it’s not a huge priority at the moment, so this would be a good opportunity for someone from the community to jump in and implement it

This is somewhat redundant given Geary’s conversation model - you know if a message has been replied to if there is another email in the conversation below it. That doesn’t work well for large conversations, but nether does an adding a bunch of icons for various things to a UI. So I don’t think we’ll ever be displaying that flag, unfortunately. Maybe someone could write a plugin for it.

Good points. Still would be nice to at least set the \Answered flag, so it can be seen in other clients (ie, clients that are not in conversation mode).

Yup, that would be the main motivation for doing it.

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