Idea: Change headerbar color on GNOME Console when the user is inside a toolbox container

When I use Fedora Silverblue, I utilize the Toolbox utility frequently, and often find myself inside a Toolbox container instead of my host environment. GNOME Console already has functionality for recoloring the headerbar when you access something as root or use a remote system. I think it would be useful if Console also got a differently colored headerbar when the user is inside a container, as that would make it even clearer that you are not just accessing the regular host system as a normal user.

Some potential, valid arguments against this:

  • When a user is inside a toolbox container, a violet diamond shape is added to the terminal prompt, so indication already exists.

  • Mistakenly entering a command in a toolbox isn’t as potentially dangerous/destructive as mistakenly doing it in a remote host system or as root.

What do you think? Does this sound useful? Is it possible at all?

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In GNOME Terminal on Endless OS, I have my regular Toolbox container configured as a separate profile, with a different colour scheme. I find this very useful. I think your idea is a good one!

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