Icons are missing in FileChooserDialog, is This Normal?

Hello Everyone,

I started playing around with GTKmm3 on my Mac. I noticed that the icons in the FileChooserDialog are missing. I was wondering if this is normal.

You need to install an icon theme. You will need the hicolor theme, and I’d recommend installing the Adwaita icon theme on top.

Depending on how you installed GTK in your environment, you should also have access to those icon themes.

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Once again brings up the question if we should ship some icons with gtk itself, to prevent this kind of situation.

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Shipping all the MIME type icons might be too much; but we should definitely ship all the icons for volumes in the side bar and path bar, at the very least.

Judging by the screenshot, it also seems there’s some arrow asset missing in the path bar and the tree view column header; that might be a scalable icon issue, which is fixed by installing librsvg.


The hicolor-icon-theme package was already installed, but installing the adwaita-icon-theme and librsvg seemed to fix the issues.

Thank you!

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