Icon view sizes in Nautilus 43

Is there any reason why certain icon sizes have disappeared in icon view mode? In version 42 there was an intermediate step between view 100% and view 50%, that I miss now.

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I thought that it was a bug, so I reported https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilus/-/issues/2505, but it’s actually an “intentional design change” :man_facepalming:


The intermediate (67%/64px) icon size is the most sensible option for 1920x1080 displays, which are abundant (if not predominant) on laptops made in the past six years or more.

Please bring it back.


I also would like to see the 67% icon size view back.

But not only: before Gnome 43, on Nautilus and 67% view I was able to define in the “Grid View Caption” preferences to see 2 informations - size and last modified date - under the icon, and both were well visible.

But now even with the 100% view (which is already to big for my desktop PC screen and eyes), only the first one (size) is shown, none is on the 50% view, and I have to select the insanely huge 150% view to see both !

I guess the next step will be to remove this option “Grid View Caption” with the explanation that nobody (at least between Gnome devs) use it…

Please give back the 67% icon size, AND the ability to see 2 rows info under it :slight_smile:


67% icon size was essential for me too. All my desktops and laptops have 1920x1080 so any other size is unusable on that kind of screen. 50% is too small to quickly look and see by folder icon and 100% is too big to actually use nautilus for any productive needs.

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For me, the usefulness of thumbnails, from least useful to most useful:

  • Folders. Useless.
  • Text documents. I find the filename more helpful in identifying them. I think a large preview is needed to easily recognize them in case the documents don’t have a friendly name (e.g. document title), provided the preview is like in the latest mockups. This thumbnail can also vary according to the size of the page of the document and therefore have its title less identifiable (if the document has pages).
  • Videos. Useful when the thumbnail is representative of the video, useless otherwise.
  • Pictures. Useful if the image is a single image (e.g. a photo). Less useful when there are several (for example, models).

There are mockups on thumbnail optimization (https://gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Design/app-mockups/-/blob/master/files/grids.png) and view optimization (https: //gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Design/app-mockups/-/blob/master/files/rich-grid-view/files_rich-grid-view_base%2Blabels.png). Maybe something can be done this way: have preview sizes based on file type − but that will only work if we assume sorting by file type. Using the previewer (gnome-sushi) might be more visible in case the thumbnail isn’t useful.

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