I wanted to know why earphones need to replugged in order to use and chargers are not after reboot

Life would have been a lot easier. Does this happen in other desktop environments? I am using GNOME 3.36. I know people can get used to it but it’s really annoying having to go through every single day.

Why GNOME devs made it this way? Is there any technical reason behind this 90’s concept.
Even after replugging earphones why do we have to select one of these options?

Ubuntu 20.04 + GNOME 3.36

Correct me if I am wrong somewhere. Any info, thoughts & news about the latest development regarding this million-year-old issue is welcomed.

Yes. This is typically caused by lack of support for jack sensing either in the hardware, or in the kernel driver; without it, the system doesn’t know whether you plugged a headphone or a microphone: it only knows that you closed a circuit.

The only thing we can do in the case where we can’t figure out what to do, is ask you.

It happens on other operating systems as well; of course, in the case of other OSes, they might have better hardware drivers, so it doesn’t happen as often, but it does happen. We actually do the same thing those other OSes do.

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I have never used/touched MAC yet. But I can confirm, in Windows there is no such problem. It automatically recognize the earphone/headphone. No matter what type of earphone/headphones we use.

I am sure that MAC does similar to tackle this.

Does that mean, their Window’s NT kernel is good at recognizing earphones/headphones?
Do we have any future possibility where don’t get to see that GNOME sound setting and our headphones/earphones works just fine?

I don’t see that dialog on my laptop, so clearly it’s perfectly possible.

Yes, it’s entirely possible Windows has better drivers and hardware enablement.

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Thanks you for replaying.

I was amazed when u said, “I don’t see…”.
Last question: How?!

Evidently, the hardware in my laptop (Dell XPS) is better supported than your computer’s.

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