I created a Nautilus Extension: how to publish and share

Hi, I made yet another extension to mark/tag columns in nautilus. My take on it uses Unicode emoji, which makes it a simple implementation but with potential for customization.

Nautilus Extension: Unicode Tag Columns

Is there any channel or portal to share such a nautilus extension, i.e. like extensions.gnome.org where people who need a certain extension functionality can find and get informed about existing options?

I also believe there’s some room for more features, such as customization of the available emoji or a more complete emoji/unicode picker, however for my use case I’m happy as it is, hence, I likely won’t update it without user feedback or contributions. But there won’t be any feedback without discovery.

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Hi Lasse,
there is no official page that collects nautilus extensions. It would certainly be interesting to have such a page. For now you could announce the extension via “This Week in GNOME”.

Cheers, I’ve installed it and had a play.

It reminds me a project I looked at a couple of years ago, and which I found when searching github.

Seems to use the same data storage method, which I gather is stored in a file kept in


So, my assumption is the associated metadata is not portable across systems?

That is, files tagged on one machine and copied to another will not maintain metadata.

Which also makes me wonder how metadata can be backed up or restored or transferred.

The ability to search via tags would be great, it is correct that that isn’t possible using this method? It doesn’t seem to work.

Would it be possible to store the tags within tracker/sparql database? Thus making them searchable.

Thanks for making this, that it’s python makes it less intimidating to users like me who are not programmers.

Hopefully in the future we will get more ability to work with general file metadata in Gnome.

Hi Peter, thanks. It’s really no big thing, so I won’t make a big fuzz around it, I just thought there may be already some site collecting little extensions like this.

@BarryBanana, yes it looks similar to nautilus-annotations, but using unicode emoji really makes it very simple. I don’t know if there’s a good way to search for gio metadata.

Would it be possible to store the tags within tracker/sparql database? Thus making them searchable.

I guess so, but it would make it much more complex.

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