I can't get facial regocnition to work

I’m using Gentoo Linux. I have installed Shotwell 0.32.2 with support for OpenCV.

In Shotwell, I have opened a few photos, added a few faces using the button “Faces” at the bottom. And then trained a few faces via the meny “Faces / Train Face “” From Photo”.

Nothing happens after that. I would assume that it would find the person in at least some other photos or something?

Apologies, that is not very intuitive and needs a UX overhaul at some point. The Flow is as follows:

  • In the “Faces” button, mark a face, either manually or by clicking “Detect Faces…”
  • Name it, save it
  • Then use “Train Face from Photo”
  • The next time you click “Detect Faces” on a photo, it will try to use the trained faces to automatically name detected faces → You still need to click “Detect faces” on those fotos you want to tag faces in

The recognition rate / detection rate will improve if you use the DNN-based detection, which can be enabled as described in Faces in photos, last section

Thanks! I tried detecting faces, but it finds “faces” in basically anything from toilet paper to flowers. It could detect like 10 “faces” in a photo with only one person. :confused:

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