I can't enable bluetooth

I use GNOME in arch. When I try to enable bluetooth via GNOME’s settings, I face this:

GNOME’s version is 44.5.
I have installed gnome-bluetooth and gnome-bluetooth-3.0.
Why this is happening?

  1. If WiFi is not enabled, you can try enabling it and try enabling Bluetooth.

  2. If above step doesn’t work, run the following command (as root)

    # journalctl -f

    Try enabling Bluetooth, post the output of the above command.

It does not work even if wifi is on.

اكتبر 08 23:52:00 rezarch gsd-rfkill[1310]: GTask cc_rfkill_glib_send_change_all_event (source object: 0x5612cd069150, source tag: 0x5612ccf1aec0) finalized without ever returning (using g_task_return_*()). This potentially indicates a bug in the program.

Check if "bluetooth.service" systemd service is up and running, with the following command.

$ systemctl status bluetooth.service

If not, enable and start the service ( as root )

# systemctl enable bluetooth.service
# systemctl start bluetooth.service
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Thanks you! Now it works.

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