How turn off a tool when I'm done using it?

I am new to GIMP. Obviously. I’ve selected the free select tool. I was able to select the object I wanted in the photo. I saved that object. Now I want to work on it, but the free select tool will not turn off and I’ve ruined a half dozen objects. How do I turn off the free select tool. Also, how do I turn on the arrow that I think I should be able to use to more the object I’ve isolated and now want to move around.

There is no concept of “turning off a tool” in GIMP: you are always using a tool. What one usually want is to switch to another tool - then, the easiest way is to check the menus and learn by heart the keyboard shortcut for the desired “default” tool.

In this case, you want to change to the “Move” tool - so, after commiting your selection, simply press “M”, and the active tool will change.

(Sometimes, the image editor may not be the focus, and then shortcuts for tools might fail - just hit " " before the shortcut letter - so the sequence “M” will always take you to the move tool.


Thank you so much. Nothing in the Help Manual explains this GIMP feature as well as you just did. John Omaha

or unified transform (shift+t) - this is what most other editors open after you select

gwidion, I am trying to clean up the edges of an object I selected from a photo. I am trying to use the Intelligent Scissors tool. I have followed the instructions to encircle the unwanted material. How do I remove the unwanted material? Thank you for your help. (I wanted to drag and drop the image I’m working on but that does not seem possible to accomplish.)

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