How to transfer files outside of a GNOME Boxes VM to the host?

I now I can quite easily move files from the host into a :gnome: GNOME Boxes VM. On Linux guests this mostly works out-of-the-box, on Windows only after installing SPICE IIRC.
Also, there is a menu entry “Send file…” I can easily use send the file.

But how can one actually move files from the guest to a host?
Drag- and -drop did not work for me in this case.

On Windows I can at least use the way to mount paths into the VM. (But I cannot even see this in GNOME Boxes right now. Don’t know why it is not there, anymore.)
But is not there a different, more intuitive way?

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You need to install spice-webdavd in the guest in order to see the “Shared Folders” feature. Have you tried that?


IIRC for a Windows VM the settings showed me a message like “Please install spice to use XY.”

Currently, for the Linux VM, nothing was shown.

But I’ll try that. I guess I need to restart the VM afterwards?

Yes, or you could just run spice-webdavd manually in a terminal if you wish.

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