How to Sync Evolution

I have Evolution set up on two laptops. Is there any way to get the two versions to sync with one another? Emails and calendar appointments, of course, download from the server. So those matchup. I am more concerned about settings, search folders, follow up dates, etc. Those things don’t seem to sync. I have searched for options, but can’t find any that work. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Evolution doesn’t have anything built-in for this. From what I heard, the users use tools like rsync to synchronize data between the machines. The only tricky thing can be that you should do this when evolution, and background evolution-data-server processes, are not running. That can be done with evolution --force-shutdown , though some apps may restart the processes when they notice they disappeared. It depends on the apps, and desktop environment, you use.

Here is written what directories Evolution uses:


Thanks for the response–I appreciate it. This provides some direction for me to pursue.