How to subclass Pango::Renderer in C++

I’m trying to subclass the Pango::Renderer to draw text on an osg::Texture2D, but I cannot find a public constructor (except a copy-constructor) in its header file, neither another method to create a Pango::Renderer instance (like a static create method the Layout class for example provides).

So, how would I:

  1. create a Pango::Renderer instance
  2. subclass Pango::Renderer.

I’ve tried the following code for subclassing:

#include <pangomm/renderer.h>

class PangoRendererCanvas: public Pango::Renderer {
		PangoRendererCanvas() {}

but that gave the following compilation error:

error: no matching function for call to ‘Pango::Renderer::Renderer()’

        PangoRendererCanvas::PangoRendererCanvas() {

According to the docs for Pango::Renderer, this should be possible:

Pango::Renderer API documentation

By subclassing Pango::Renderer and overriding operations such as draw_glyphs and draw_rectangle, renderers for particular font backends and destinations can be created.

I’m using PangoMM 2.46.2.

Solved: How to subclass Pango::Renderer in C++ - Stack Overflow