How to show each task in separate workspace in gnome 3?

when I click on “move to workspace down” in any app the task shows in the first workspace The first image shows you when my task image (terminator) in the first workspace


And the second image is a task image (terminator) when I sent it to workspace down


Of course, I changed display handling either

“workspaces on primary display only” or “workspaces span displays” in Tweaks but both of them give me one result and I cannot see app tasks under the workspace itself

If I’m understanding you’re question correctly, you want workspace isolation. If so, right click on dash icon (icon with 9 dots) -> Dash to Dock Settings -> Launchers -> click on Isolate Workspaces.

No, when I click on windows in second workspace, other icons are in second workspace, I want to see clicked windows in the second workspace and other icons should be disappeared in the second workspace, but in the second workspace they are appeared when I click in the windows on the second workspace

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