How to set the Text Tool's default font size?

Every time time I use the text tool at: “Tools => Text” I have to change its font size setting from its 62 px default to my desired one. How is this default text size set so I would not have to keep doing that?

You can set options permanently like this.

Also, don’t overlook that you can save specific settings with a name (in your case, that could be font name, font size, formatiing, spacing…) using the icons at the bottom of the tool options dialog:

Saving the font seems to save name/size/kerning/spacing/formatting.

I found what I was looking for at:
Windows => Dockable Dialogs => Tool Options
This is in GIMP 2.10.30

“Tool options” is normally always up in the default UI designs (single or multiple windows). If you have to get it via Windows > Dockable dialogs it means you must have lost it at some point. See here for ways to recover it, and keep it in place.

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