How to set focus on the desktop directly


In a gnome shell extension, is it possible to get an object for the desktop and then set focus on it?

I’m particularly interested in setting focus on the desktop when there are no windows on that workspace, in case this information matters.


What kind of object?

As far as GNOME is concerned, there is no “desktop”, just the background. I assume that’s not what you want to focus?

If you use some extension that puts objects on the desktop, then it’s probably better to modify the extension itself than developing a separate extension that interacts with it (for starters, you’d have to handle the cases where a different desktop icons extension is used, or no extension at all).

If the objects are provided by an app window (like the old nautilus-desktop, or the desktop-icons-ng extension), then you can focus the window, but you won’t be able to influence the keyboard focus inside the window.

The reason I am looking for a desktop object is that I want to be able to set the focus on it (like with the .activate methods).

Let’s say I have two monitors, and one of them has a workspace with no windows on it. I would like to set focus on that desktop so that I can use the keyboard arrows to switch between desktop icons. How would I do that?

As I said, there’s nothing on desktops as far as GNOME is concerned. That is, any answer depends on the specific extension/app you are using to put icons there.

Okay. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.

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