How to set a new directory for screenshots other than Pictures?

I do use gnome-screenshots a lot, and like to have them in a directory “screenshots” How to tell Gnome-screenshots to put the screenshots in that directory? Now it puts all screenshots to Pictures.


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If you update to a newer Screenshot (I think it landed in 3.38), you’ll have something like the following, that allows choosing a folder to save in.

The gnome-screenshot tool always had the file selection button to choose where to save the screenshot.

But gnome-screenshot is not involved in taking screenshots using the key combinations of PrtScrn: that’s the Shell itself, and that will always use XDG_PICTURES_DIR because XDG user directories do not have a directory for screenshots.

@vanadiae @ebassi Thanks, found the solution myself. do add -i to gnome-screenshot command. That opens screen with directory choice. Screenshot remembers the choice. To make gnome-screenshot do screenshot of whole screen change shortcut to ctrl-“the key you choose for prnscr” (I am on a mac keyboard without prnscr key). to use gnome-screenshot I removed existing shortcuts and added new shortcuts in settings>keyboard.

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