How to set a custom Light/Dark background by default for all users? [SOLVED]

Hiya guys,

I have installed two background packages.

The default gnome-background and Fedora’s f36-backgrounds background-set.

I would like to have Fedora’s background by default for all users.

/usr/share/gnome-background-properties/f36.xml is available.

How can I set up GNOME that all users have the f36-set as default wallpaper?

If you are using Fedora, the easiest option is to install the desktop-backgrounds-gnome.package (I’m assuming you aren’t using Workstation or Silverblue, where the package is included out-of-the-box).

That package installs a /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/10_org.gnome.desktop.background.fedora.gschema.override file with the following contents:


You can also create such an override yourself. In that case you’ll have to run

# dconf run

after saving the file.

Also see the system administration guide for documentation.

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Indeed, I am using Slackware. I’ve modified my f36-backgrounds.SlackBuild script with your suggestion,
and it works as expected.

My thanks and appreciation

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